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Archdeaconry : Cathedral

Archdeaconry  No.: 3525

Parish : George: Cathedral Church of St Mark  

Parish  No.: 2058

Cathedral of St Mark044 873 3239GeorgeWestern CapeSouth Africa

Diocesan Office : Diocesan Office

Diocesan Office  No.: 7171

Diocesan Schools : Diocesan Schools & Colleges

Diocesan Schools  No.: 7172

Diocesan Organisations : Diocesian Organisations

Diocesan Organisations  No.: 7173

Organisation : Altar Service Guild  

Organisation  No.: 8672

Archdeaconry : George

Archdeaconry  No.: 3526

Parish : George: St Paul and Simon of Cyrene  

Parish  No.: 2059

Rondevlei, Blanco, Schoonberg, Oakhurst,  Western CapeSouth Africa
Saasveld, Klipdrif, Bergplaasdrif, Kleinplaas  Western CapeSouth Africa
Simon of Cyrene044 875 0406George EastWestern CapeSouth Africa
St Aiden  Western CapeSouth Africa
St Paul044 871 0077GeorgeWestern CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Oudtshoorn: St Jude, Calitzdorp, St Mark  

Parish  No.: 2429

Calitzdorp : St Mark044 272 7523 Western CapeSouth Africa
St Jude044 272 7523OudtshoornWestern CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Oudtshoorn: St Simon with Klaarstroom Good Shepherd  

Parish  No.: 2430

Klaarstroom Good Shepherd,044 274 9616 Western CapeSouth Africa
Price Albert St John and Matjiesrivier  Western CapeSouth Africa
St Simon044 274 9616OudtshoornWestern CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Pacaltsdorp: St Albans with Christ the Redeemer  

Parish  No.: 2435

Christ the Redeemer083 861 2573GeorgeWestern CapeSouth Africa
St Albans044 878 2109GeorgeWestern CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Uniondale: All Saints with Willowmore St Matthew  

Parish  No.: 2652

and the Langkloof  Western CapeSouth Africa
Uniondale : All Saints  Western CapeSouth Africa
Willowmore : St Matthew  Western CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Zoar: St Agnes  

Parish  No.: 2913

St Agnes028 561 1328ZoarWestern CapeSouth Africa

Archdeaconry : Knysna

Archdeaconry  No.: 3528

Parish Church : Knysna: Holy Trinity  

Parish Church  No.: 4949

Holy Trinity 044 387 1977 Western CapeSouth Africa
St Chad's044 387 1977 Western CapeSouth Africa
St Saviour's044 387 1977 Western CapeSouth Africa
The Church of the Resurrection044 387 1977 Western CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Knysna: St James  

Parish  No.: 2180

St James044 385 0053 Western CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Parish of Formosa  

Parish  No.: 2468

St Chad's  Western CapeSouth Africa
St Michael's  Eastern CapeSouth Africa
St Monica's044 533 5558Plettenberg BayWestern CapeSouth Africa
St Paul's  Western CapeSouth Africa
St Peter044 533 5558Plettenberg BayWestern CapeSouth Africa
St Simon's  Western CapeSouth Africa

Chapelry : Resurrection  

Chapelry  No.: 9578

Chapelry : St Annes  

Chapelry  No.: 9517

Parish : St Georges' with St Paul's and St Peter's Chapelries  

Parish  No.: 2179

St George044 382 1239Knysna CentralWestern CapeSouth Africa

Chapelry : St Isaac  

Chapelry  No.: 9519

Parish : St Mary & St Mark  

Parish  No.: 2746

St Mark's  Western CapeSouth Africa
St Mary044 533 1980 Western CapeSouth Africa

Chapelry : St Saviours  

Chapelry  No.: 9579

Chapelry : St stephens  

Chapelry  No.: 9518

Archdeaconry : Mossel Bay

Archdeaconry  No.: 3529

Parish : Da Gamaskop: All Saints  

Parish  No.: 1963

All Saints044 693 0100Mossel BayWestern CapeSouth Africa
St Mark  Western CapeSouth Africa
St Mary Magdalene  Western CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Da Gamaskop: Church of the Holy Nativity  

Parish  No.: 1964

Buisplaas, Herbertsdale, Kleinberg  Western CapeSouth Africa
Church of the Holy Nativity044 693 0627Mossel BayWestern CapeSouth Africa
Rietvlei, Vogelvlei  Western CapeSouth Africa

Chapelry : Gouritzmond  

Chapelry  No.: 9577

Parish : Great Brak River: St John  

Parish  No.: 2076

Great Brak River : St John044 620 3495Great Brak RiverWestern CapeSouth Africa
Little Brak River  Western CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Melkhoutfontein: St Augustine  

Parish  No.: 2293

St Augustine028 754 1680 Western CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Mossel Bay: St Peter  

Parish  No.: 2326

St Peter044 691 2384Mossel BayWestern CapeSouth Africa

Parish : St Luke  

Parish  No.: 1833

Bergfontein, Zoutpan, Riethuiskraal,  Western CapeSouth Africa
Johgensfontein, Hectors Kraal, Zeezicht, etc  Western CapeSouth Africa
Soebattersvlakte  Western CapeSouth Africa
St Augustine  Western CapeSouth Africa
St Luke028 735 1127AlbertiniaWestern CapeSouth Africa

Archdeaconry : Riversdale

Archdeaconry  No.: 3530

Parish : Heidelberg: St Barnabas  

Parish  No.: 2097

Rhynosterfontein & Krombecks  Western CapeSouth Africa
St Barnabas028 772 1252HeidelbergWestern CapeSouth Africa
St Charles  Western CapeSouth Africa
St Matthew  Western CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Ladismith: St Luke  

Parish  No.: 2202

St Luke LadismithWestern CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Riversdale: St Andrew  

Parish  No.: 2514

St Andrew028 713 1155RiversdaleWestern CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Riversdale: St Matthews  

Parish  No.: 2515

St Matthews028 713 4947 Western CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Riversdale: St Stephen  

Parish  No.: 2745

St Stephen  Western CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Suurbraak.  

Parish  No.: 2599

All Saints  Western CapeSouth Africa
St Michaels & All Angels0833019353SuurbraakWestern CapeSouth Africa
St. Luke  Western CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Swellendam: Christ Church  

Parish  No.: 2601

Christ Church028 514 1968SwellendamWestern CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Swellendam: St Luke  

Parish  No.: 2602

St Luke028 513 3555SwellendamWestern CapeSouth Africa
St Stephens 023 616 3164BonnievaleWestern CapeSouth Africa

Archdeaconry : The Karoo

Archdeaconry  No.: 3527

Parish : Christ Church  

Parish  No.: 1854

Christ Church023 415 2228Beaufort WestWestern CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Graaff-Reinet: St James the Great  

Parish  No.: 2067

Kendrew & New Bethesda & P DiSt Jansenville :  Western CapeSouth Africa
St James the Great049 892 2458Graaf-ReinetWestern CapeSouth Africa
St Mary & All Saints  Western CapeSouth Africa
St Saviour, Klipplaat, Steytlerville  Western CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Graaff-Reinet: St Philip  

Parish  No.: 2068

Adendorp  Western CapeSouth Africa
Graaff-Reinet : St Philip049 892 3253 Western CapeSouth Africa
St Margaret of S'land  Western CapeSouth Africa
St Peter & St Paul, Murraysburg  Western CapeSouth Africa

Parish : St Matthew  

Parish  No.: 1855

St Matthew, with Laingsburg St John023 414 2228Beaufort WestWestern CapeSouth Africa

Parish : Victoria West: St John the Evangelist with Carnavon  

Parish  No.: 2665

Carnovon : St Alban  Western CapeSouth Africa
St Francis  Western CapeSouth Africa
St John the Evangelist053 631 0891Victoria WestWestern CapeSouth Africa

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