Our story

It all started with a calling on the life of Michael Künz, who had a conversation with Revd Trevor Pearce of Growing the Church, a church growth institute in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, on how he could serve God with his skill set of website development.

After discerning for a year, Michael started with Growing the Church in February of 2012 as a self-supporting missionary. The GtC IT & Media Ministry was started.

The first service setup was to help parishes get a positive presence on the net.  Using his own Internet Company for hosting, parishes were able to get a good looking, easy to maintain website from the ministry at a reasonable month amount. Without any setup and design fees this made it affordable for not only parishes but many diocese and provincial organisations as well.

This service is still available today and the websites, databases and e-mails are now stored on world class servers provided for by the Anglican Church.

Helping with the preparations for the first Anglican Ablaze Conference in 2012 highlighted the fact that the Anglican Church of Southern Africa did not have a well maintained database of it's clergy, especially for communication. This motivated Michael to suggest that an online database be developed which members of the clergy could update their own details.

God soon prompted Michael to expand this to a parish roll for all members of the Anglican Church. Through God's leading the project then over time grow to include the portals for the Diocese, Archdeaconry and finally the Province. It was at this point that Michael was sure the program had grown to it's full potential, but God had other plans in mind.

Expanding the system so that any Anglican Church in the world could use the software caught the attention of the Diocese of North East Caribbean and Aruba, after a visit to the Islands in 2015, the diocese adopted MyAnglican as its official church management system at Synod.

Also in 2015 the Anglican Church of Southern Africa at their Synod of Bishops adopted MyAngican as the official church management system and encouraged all diocese and parishes to use it, it is currently being rolled out.

But as hinted at before, God was not finished. In 2015 the Methodist Church of Southern Africa through Fresh Bread Ministries approached Growing the Church for a similar system. Development was started on MyMethodist.me towards the end of 2015. But then the Congregational, Vineyard and Presbytarian and other churches started asking about the system as well!

A decision was taken in late 2015 to develop one system that can be used by all, but maintain their individuality. MyChurchManagement.org was launched after Easter in 2016.  Each church member signs into their portal via their individual denominations website.

A motion was passed at the Provincial Synod of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa in 2016 to encourage all to use MyAnglican.  You can read the motion here.

October 2017 it was decided that the ministry had out grown Growing the Church, and it was moved away into it's own department under the control of the Provincial Treasury. Now know as MyChurch IT.  We continue to serve the wider Anglican Communion, and through Fresh Bread Ministries other denominations and independent churches.

The system has now growing to receiving input from many different denominations and is truly an ecumenical project guide by our Lord Jesus Christ.

We wait with baited breath to see what God is going to do next☺

Michael's address to the International Anglicans Ablaze Conference in 2014.

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